Railway Station Codes List
  Railway Station Codes Provide You All Details on Railway Stations
Nowadays railway station codes are used instead of the names of the railway stations when you book tickets. Each railway station has its unique code, which is to be noted when booking railway tickets. Indian Railways uses alphabetic codes to represent a station. Usually the first three letters of the station is taken to represent the station. 

By using the station code, you will get all details like the name of the station, contact number, trains that have stoppage there, arrival and departure time of each train at the station, number of platforms in the station, services and facilities available in the station, and many more. There are many important railway stations in India like the New Delhi Railway Station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Howrah Station, Sealdah station, Chennai Central Railway Station, etc. 
The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of the oldest and the busiest railway stations in India and is included in the World Heritage site. The Howrah Railway Station in West Bengal is the oldest, second busiest and the largest railway station in India. It is the headquarters of the South Eastern Railways. The Kharagpur Junction has the longest railway station in the world.
You get the railway station codes in the railway time table as well. Here everything is represented in a tabular form so that you can check all the details easily. Referring the railway station codes makes ticket booking easy for you. Although 3 letters are used to represent a station, there are also one-letter station codes and four-letter station codes.
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