Railway Station Codes List

Indian Railways Station Codes For a Quick Look-Up!

In the age of the internet, every firm, government organization and business has an online presence for fast and convenient enquiry, transaction and processing.

Railway Station Codes List Gets You All Details on Railway Stations

Now you need not run here and there to make train enquiries and book your tickets. The railway station codes list makes it all easier for you. It contains the codes of all the railway stations in India.

Railway Station Codes Make Ticket Booking Easy

Knowing the station codes is of great help to the frequent travelers like traders, politicians and businesspeople. This makes reservation of tickets easy for them. On the website of the Indian Railways you will find a link called Railway Station Code Finder.

Indian Railways Station Codes Help You Book Tickets Easily

There are more than 11000 trains running under Indian Railways offering services to different parts of the country. Indian Railways has assigned a unique code to each of the railway stations, so that the passengers can get the latest information on them within a few seconds.

Unique Indian Railways Station Codes for Every Railway Station

When you book railway tickets, you have to give the names of the source and destination stations. Earlier, the names of the stations were given. But now the station codes are given instead of the name of the station.

Indian Railway Station Codes Provide You All Details on Railway Stations

When you want to check the train availability and book tickets, you have to enter the source and destination stations. If you are booking the ticket online, you will get the Indian Railway station codes from the drop down box.
Nowadays railway station codes are used instead of the names of the railway stations when you book tickets.

All types of queries about the trains require the source station code and the destination station code. There are over 8000 stations across the country and it is not possible for everyone to remember all the station codes.


Indian Railways is a large network of rails and the fourth largest railways in the world. There are more than 7500 railway stations in India, some of which are large and busy round the clock.

Find All Details on Railway Stations Checking Railway Station Codes

To enquire the trains running between two stations you need to enter the names of the two stations from the drop down list box. This will give you a list of all the trains running between the two mentioned stations along with the class of travel, arrival and departure time, days in which the trains run, and so on.

Railway Station Codes Provides You All Information on Stations

The railway stations in India are now represented by railway station codes, which is unique to every station. Usually the codes are alphabetic in nature, but there are also station codes other than alphabetical.


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