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Make A Fun Itinerary For A Trip Around India With The IRCTC Website!

If you are planning a trip around India, you will need affordable transport to plan your journey. Indian Railways is the best way to travel the country because the railway network is extensive and connects remote towns and villages giving you a chance to visit these places of historical or cultural interest, which is otherwise inaccessible by flight or road. The best way to start your travel plans is by visiting the IRCTC website, a hub of organized information about train travel in India. The website lists information about train routes, departure and arrival times, ticket fares, reservation status, trains that travel along a certain route, and so on. In order to plan your travel, you will need to login to the website using your username. To check out all trains from a particular station, you will need the station code of the origin to key in the 'From' box while looking for trains running between stations. The website furnishes you with Railway station codes to help you make your search easier and quicker.

Once you have the relevant railway station codes, you can type in these codes in the 'From' and 'To' boxes of the website to display a list of all the trains operating between these two stations. You are given details about the departure and arrival times, train number, train name, ticket availability and ticket fares for different classes through multiple links. Travelers interested in planning a trip around the east, west, north or south of India can look at the railway time table that also lists the  railway station codes with train details to find trains that suit their travel plans.

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