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  station codes of indian railways
Indian Railways Station Codes - Make Ticket Booking Easy

Indian Railways station codes
are very important when you book tickets in the train, especially when the booking is done online on the website of Indian Railways or IRCTC. The online booking should be done as fast as possible so that you don’t miss out the chance to get a confirmed ticket. So, when you fill the reservation slip online, if you know the station codes, the process will be fast. Otherwise a lot of time is spent in searching for the station codes and getting the correct one.

There are many prominent railway stations in India. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of the oldest and the busiest railway stations in India and is included in the World Heritage site. The Howrah Railway Station in West Bengal is the oldest, second busiest and largest railway station in India. It is the headquarters of the South Eastern Railways. And Kharagpur Junction has the longest railway station in the world.

Since there are about 10,000 trains and more than 7500 railway stations in India, it is impossible to remember the station codes of various railway stations. So it is necessary to always check the station code and then book a ticket.

You can find Indian Railway Station Codes on the website of Indian Railways and also on the IRCTC. Other than that you can also make enquiries at the railway station or contact the call centers to get the station codes. Referring the Indian Railway time table also helps you get the codes of different railway stations.
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