Railway Station Codes List
  Railway Station Codes List

Railway Station Codes List - The Profusion of Detail for Your Comfortable Journey

People who want to travel in trains should book tickets, which requires them to mention the names of the stations they board and get down after the journey. Nowadays instead of the name, the railway station codes are given. The first three letters of the station are usually taken as the station code. But when there are more than two stations in which the first letters are the same, then letters from other parts of the name are also taken. You can find the station codes from the Railway Station codes list. Here the name of the station and the code is given.

Many of the station codes have very noticeable connections with the names of the stations they represent. AGC-Agra Cantonment, ALD-Allahabad, etc., are some examples. There are others which have not much connection with the stations they represent. Some of the 2 or 3 letter codes of the stations whose names have only four letters are changed to four-letter codes. So the name of the station itself is the code. For example the station code of Pune was earlier PA and now it is PUNE. GYA is now changed to GAYA, PUI to PURI and KTT to KOTA.

The Railway Station codes list is available online on the official website of Indian Railways and also on the website of IRCTC. Other than that you can directly go to the railway station to make enquiries, or contact the call centers, wherein the customer care executives will help you in getting the station codes.
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